Sunday, January 3, 2016

All Father by Koos Verkaik

Genre: Adult, Fantasy
Source: I received a copy to facilitate my review. The opinions expressed here are my own.

From Goodreads:
Peter Jonker has special gifts at his disposal. As a provoked, frightened child, he has come under the spell of master painter Poolman and his evocative, terrifying canvases. Poolman has spun gory tales about Wodan, god of the Germanic tribes, and the fearless Scandinavian berserkers. And now it seems Peter has seen the magic truth behind those sagas. In his agony he discovers unknown talents, and soon it is said he has the possession of immortal powers! Haunted by the fantasies of his youth, the adult Peter is going downhill, and in his vulnerable state strangers intervene trying to reach their own dubious goals by taking advantage of him. Wodan is looking for him and wants him to join the Army of the Dead - Berserkers who carry death and destruction... Peter's life becomes a choking nightmare. Is he responsible for the death of four people, or being set up by unknown forces? Brought under hypnosis, the horrible truth may come out... Koos Verkaik, born in Bolnes, near Rotterdam, is a prolific Dutch author of fantasy, science fiction and horror - a master at creating sensational work full of magic, horror, mystery and adventure! At the age of 16, Koos published the comic Scotty Clay in weekly Sjors, four pages every week. At 18, he wrote his first science fiction thriller, ADOLAR, during one weekend. He now he has over sixty titles in publication. After meeting Bill Thompson, editor of both Stephen King and John Grisham, in the USA, Thompson became very enthusiastic about the work of Verkaik, working together with Koos on several manuscripts. Sarah Book Publishing is proud to be chosen to publish Verkaik's All Father!

My Thoughts:

Peter Jonker has a gift. There are those out there who would take advantage of him and his gift for their benefit. As a young boy he was told the stories of Woden, god of the Germanic tribes. Now this god is hunting him? What is the purpose? Is it good or evil. There are murders. Is Peter responsible? All of these are questions you will find answers to when you read this fast paced book. The adventures just keep rolling in until suddenly you find yourself at the end asking, “Did I really just read that?” One thing I’ve noticed is that with this author we get a look at the gods of other cultures that we here in America may not be familiar with. I think it is this thirst for knowledge that has made his books so appealing to me.

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