Monday, February 15, 2016

Fat Free For Life: 13 Principles for Guaranteed Weight Loss and Ultimate Health by Braxton Cosby DPT

Genre:  Nonfiction, Self-help
Source: I purchased a copy

If you are looking for a book that will help you set and keep your weight loss goals, then look no further. This book focuses on the whole you. In his book Braxton starts off talking about a time he had to face a persistent painn. It hampered his ability to do things. He finally realized he was dealing with fear. The fear of the pain was so real in his mind that it prevented him from moving forward.. He learned to move past the fear and the pain.  When I read that I really needed to hear it. I had stopped working out. I am facing double knee surgery  in about three months.  The procedures they had tried on my knees had stopped working. A few hours on my feet meant almost unbearable pain, so the idea of working out, doing my therapy, using my recumbent bike was out the window. When I realized that it was the fear of the pain that was keeping me from doing what I knew I needed to do, I took action.  After working out on my bike I realized that the knees actually felt better.

Through this book the idea that I had to have a solid plan and  be willing to execute that plan ws reinforced. I loved that Braxton reinforced my Christian beliefs that I must get my strength from god because this is definitely the hardest battle I've had to face. One of my favorite parts of this book is the "Cosby Corner" found throughout. He had one named "Why You Shouldn't Trust Yourself". He made a point that saying "I'll have just one" wo't work. I laughed because I knew how true this was. When i decided to make changes in the way I ate, I made a conscious decision to never eat another cream horn. This was before I decided to throw out ALL sugar.  I told my husband of my decision and he said he would help me by justing letting me have one. I reminded hi the last tie he said and did that I ate all six of them in one hour. There are some foods that I had to make totally off limits because I can't trust myself to eat just one.

Another important chapter to me ws Chatper 9 "Buddy Up"
this chapter encourages you to find an accountability partner. this is so important. When I began my journey into eating a Paleo Diet my husband not only supported me but joined me. He decided we would all eat this way. My83 year-old  mother lives with us and has lost 17 pounds just by eating what we eat.  After I finished my 30 day challenge with Braxton Cosby, I joined a challenge at school with some of my fellow teachers.  The motivation and lessons I learned from this book is what I will pass on to my friends and colleagues when I recommend this book to them.

So I have to ask you. Are you ready to set and keep your weight loss goals? Then purchase this book and get started.

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