Saturday, March 19, 2016

Five Very Cute Picture Books

Opposites by Kerry McQuaide
This is another Midge and Moo Adventure book. Walk through a day of opposites with Midge and her stuffed cow Moo as they explore words that are opposites. Watch them make loud music and read a quiet book. A wonderful beginning book to teach opposite words.

Me Too by Lea Kirshenberg
Puggy is a little dog who admires his neighbor dog, a big black dog they call King. He has become quite jealous of him. Then one day he has to stay with the neighbor while his owner fixes up their houses. After a couple of days he realizes he misses his things and that Kings things aren't really all that special. This is a wonderful book for teaching children to appreciate the things that they have.

Rowdy the Pirate Who Could Not Sleep by Darcy Pattison
Rowdy the pirate can't sleep she claims she would give a chest of gold just to be able to sleep. Her crew sets out to find a way to help their captain sleep and claim the prize. But, nothing seems to work. They steal items and try them on their captain; scary tales, and songs of war. Who will claim the prize and help the captain sleep?  Told in great rhyming pirate "speak". Another great book by this wonderful author.

Oliver and Jumpy 37-39 by Werner Stejskal

Rescue in the Picture - Oliver, Jumpy and Joey travel through his painting to a deserted island where they use their kowledge of superstitions to rescue a young native girl
Wet Cat - For Joey's birthday Oliver and Jumpy take him on a boat ride to hear his favorite group sing. On the way back Oliver is thrown overboard and no one notices. Who will rescue Oliver before he drowns or is eaten by a shark?
Down River - On an adventure to Ghost Castle, Oliver and his friends take a ride downa white water river. They have to prevent a crocodile and tiger from eathing them for lucnh. How will they survive and get back home

A Sunny Day by Eric Jay Cash
Four young paleolithic children learn new words. This is a very simple book for the youngest child in your house.

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