Monday, May 2, 2016

Keegan's Point by H.D. Smith

Genre: Middle Grade, Mystery
Source: I received a copy to facilitate my review. The opinions expressed here are my own.

How bad can one day in your life be? For Charlie Parker the answer would be, pretty bad. His day starts with the knowledge he has to give an oral report during his fourth period class. It’s not that he’s not prepared. He is overly prepared. His report is on Keegan’s Point.  Charlie has had a fascination with Markus Keegan, a billionaire who owned his own island. Keegan was found dead in his mansion with several passports that had his picture and a lot of different names. His body and the passports were removed and everything else was left as it was. Charlie would love nothing more than the opportunity to   visit the island and explore its mysteries. He probably knows more than anyone else in his town about the reclusive billionaire. As prepared as he is to give his report, his fear of public speaking causes him to pass out in class. This in turn prompts his teacher to change the order in which people give their reports.  This would be good for Charlie, except it puts him in the cross hairs of the school bully.

Charlie’s bad day isn’t over. After being the punching bag for the bully his friends ask him about their camping trip. His mom wants a second adult to go along. This means Charlie will have to lie to his mom.
When he meets his mom at her diner he tells her that he won’t have to give his report for several days because his teacher changed the order. He doesn’t want to tell her anything more than he has to.
While in the diner, three visitors overhear Charlie talking about Keegan.  Charlie is kidnapped by them and taken to the island. This would make his bad day complete except a part of him is thrilled that he is going to finally see the inside of the mansion. Will he be able to help his kidnappers? What happens when one of the bad guys turns out to be a good, bad guy?  Will the mystery of Keegan’s Island ever be solved? 

This is a fantastic book.  I will say that it is a great book for the reluctant reader no matter what their gender. It is also a great book for anyone who loves mysteries and a quick read. The action keeps coming and there are plenty of twists and turns. A book I was very pleased to put on my shelves.

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