Sunday, May 8, 2016

Laura Sullivan: The Modern Romantic New Relaxing Classical Piano Music

Winds of Magic and Timeless were probably my favorites on this CD.  It is tough to choose as they are all so beautiful. I took this to school with me after I got it. My students know me well. When I am stressed I play music with no words. This year I’ve had to be very selective with what I usually play. I have a student on the Autism Spectrum with sensitivity issues. He sits right in front of my desk, so playing music can be very disrupting to him. I noticed something with this CD. I told him if it bothered him to let me know and I would move it, turn it down, or turn it off. He has a lot of tics when his senses are over stimulated. This is something he is working on. He was not having the best day with his tics. I noticed when I put the CD on they did not increase. When we came to the song Come Home his shoulders actually relaxed and the tics subsided for a while. I told his mom about this and the CD. They and his therapists are trying different things. If this will help him then I will provide them with a copy, just not this one. I am having surgery in a couple of days. This will accompany me to rehab as I know I will need the relaxation. I was trying to pick the best music to take and this is it. I grew up in a musical family. My father played 11 instruments and had a gospel quartet. From the time I was little until two days beforeh he entered the hospital and then passed away I sat with him as he played the piano for me. For this reason I have an affinity to music that has piano in it. I can say without a doubt that my father would have loved Laura Sullivan’s compositions. I look forward to more of her music in the future.

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