Saturday, July 16, 2016

Children’s Books 3 complete children’s stories and 23 previews of our children books by Francois Bissonnette

I apologize for not being around for a while. As the school year was coming to an end I had to take some time off. I left school three weeks before it was over. This was very tough as I had wonderful sixth grade students this year. On May 23rd I had both of my knees completely replaced. That was followed by 3 and a half weeks in a nursing rehab facility. I underwent therapy three times a day. Finally I was allowed home. I do home therapy four days a week and go to my doctor for therapy three days a week. Unfortunately, I had a setback. The day I left the hospital and went to the rehab facility the nursing staff found a pressure wound on the back of my left leg. They have been treating it ever since. Then one week after getting home I was working out on my recumbent bike, I was having trouble getting my right foot to sit properly in the pedal stirrup and banged my right knee and incision on the display screen. I ripped a scab off of my incision. This is where the setback comes in. Now the wound doctor had another wound to take care of. Unfortunately, the wound on my knee has gotten deeper and larger. It is possible it may compromise my implant.  After debriding, taking a culture and x-rays I am playing the waiting game. If all comes back negative they may use a wound vacuum to heal the wound. The only problem with that process is that it may mean I can't go back to school the first week.

Now, I've gotten to a point where I've been able to read and begin to write reviews again. It has been a long time.  Here is my first review.

Genre: Children's Picture Book
Source: I received a copy to facilitate my review. The opinions expressed here are my own.

Francois Bissonnette has long been one of my favorite authors. In this book we get excerpts and previews of his many stories.
Wanoo the Sorcerer: Naloo's version. Naloo visits her friend Wanoo. The last time she had seen him he was trying to learn magic. He told her that after training with the Enchanter Tarzi, he learned he could become a great magician if he persevered.

The City of Cats. One day in the city of cats a new family moves in. The new family was a mother dog and her pups. Muffy the kitten became friends with the pup named Goldy. Muffy's mom learns of the friendship and forbids it because they were different. In this book we learn that sometimes being different is the best thing.

Alicia and the Wolf is a wonderfully twisted version of the Red Riding hood Story. In this version Red Riding hood is being followed by a robber and a white wolf saves her.  It was a short but delightful story.

There are so many previews in this e-book. Once you read it you will see why his stories are some of my favorites. His fairy tales are so wonderful I use them in my classroom when I teach a unit on traditional stories.  I do hope you will check this author out.

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