Friday, September 9, 2016

Just a Drop of Water by Kerry O'Malley Cerra

Genre: Middle Grade, Realistic Fiction
Source: I purchased a copy

I have read three stories in the last few days about 9/11 for middle grade students. This story is by far my favorite. Jake and Sam  have been best friends for years. They run cross country together.  They have become friends with the new kid Kirk.  His father works in Washington. When 9/11 happens their friendship will be tested. Shortly after this terrible event, Jake's mother begins to flip out. When Jake and Sam's friend Bobby turns against Sam, Jake takes revenge.The reason is simple, Sam is a Muslim American.  He has never practiced his religion so he knows nothing about it. When his father is questioned and then taken away by the FBI, people begin to think the worst.

This story shows two things. It shows how so many people came together, and it also shows how some people let fear affect them. When prejudice rears its ugly head what lessons will each of the characters learn?

This is a book I will be reading with my students starting next week.  I am so pleased to have had several sites recommend this as a must read book for middle grade classrooms.

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