Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Two Fabulous Books by Murielle Bourdon

Genre: Children's Picture Books
Source: I purchased copies

This is just two of the books in this series.  This is a wonderful series that should be read by parents, grandparents and teachers to their youngest children. Such positive and powerful messages within, without preaching.

Sami the Magic Bear: No To Bullying 
 Bullying is and always had been a problem. In this book we meet Thomas. He is very smart. For this reason he is picked on by Victor and his friends. On his ninth birthday Victor takes Thomas’s birthday hat and pushes him down. Thomas is so embarrassed that he lies to his parents. He is surprised to see his grandparents have come to celebrate his birthday. After dinner he opens their present and finds a stuffed bear named Sami. Will Sami be able to help Thomas solve his bullying problem?  This is a wonderful book on the effects of bullying, why bullying might occur and the proper way to handle it.  Highly recommended to all parents and lower elementary teachers.

Sami The Magic Bear: A Trip to the Hospital! 
Laurie is a young girl who is very active. She has trouble sitting still in class after she finishes her work. She is captain of her soccer team. One day she doesn’t feel as energetic. She gets so sick she can’t go to school. Her mom takes her to the doctor and they discover she has leukemia, a blood cancer.  She ends up in the hospital for a long time. Her class makes her a giant card and a gift. Sami the bear.  She is so tired she just wants to give up. Can Sami help her learn to fight?  Great message of never giving up. It is a lesson kids need to learn whether they are fighting an illness or fighting to learn something new.

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