Friday, August 4, 2017

My Dream Reading/Writing Area.

Booklovers' Rooms

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I was recently was thinking what my dream reading area or reading nook would look like.   I really put some thought into it.  I just returned last weekend from a three-week writing retreat at the Hermitage Artist Retreat. I had a cottage right on the beach. I could sit at my desk and listen to the waves. I could see the Gulf of Mexico from the window. If I looked out my side window across the street I could see the bay. I remembered how relaxed I was while I was there. So when Molly Kay from Arhaus started a conversation with me about books and my dream reading area I was brought back to those weeks.

My dream reading area would be a combination reading/writing room.  I would want as many windows in it as possible.  
Perry 54" Upholstered Chair in Thelma Sterling

I would want a chair I could curl up in with a book or my Kindle. The arms on this one curl outward just enough I'd probably add a pillow and curl to one side.  I used to think I would love to have a window seat to sit in and read.  However, my dream became bigger.  I want an oversized chair so I can snuggle up or curl up in it.  

Spinnaker Outdoor 56" Slipcovered Chaise in Sail Sailor

I would also love a chaise lounger for the same reason. Besides, it would be perfect for reading books to the grandkids. 

Industrial Flare Pendant in Antiqued Brass
For dreary days or nighttime, I would like pendant lights over each of my areas. Here are some more hanging lights from Arhaus.

I want the reading area on one side of the room and the writing area on the other side. Of course, I definitely need walls of bookcases.  If you would like to get an idea of what I would like my dream reading/writing place to look like then visit my Pinterest page.  I have a board for it. I’m sure I’ll add more to it as I find other items that would possibly become part of that dream.  You will notice that I am going for kind of a beachy feel. I want it really light in color. I think I would stick with that even if I lived in the woods. I want it to feel open and airy. I want to feel like I am sitting out in nature while I am actually inside.   I want really deep porches around the entire house. I would like to create a reading area out there as well.  Now I need to find a writing table that will fit over the chaise so that I can really relax while I sit back and write.

What about you? Do you have an idea of what you would like your dream reading or writing area to look like?  If so leave a description or a link to pictures that show your dream.

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