Saturday, December 30, 2017

The Marker by Diana Savastano

Genre: Adult, Mystery, Suspense
Source: I purchased a copy

The book starts off in the middle of action. A battle is going on and Dr. Bradley Taylor, a doctor during the war is treating the injured. Although he is a Confederate, he upholds his oath and treats men on both sides.  He gets shot in the back and his friend drags him into the woods where he dies. Several valuables are taken from him. As he lays dying he has a vision of a woman with a grave marker in her hands.  We then switch to present day. Jennifer Beasley works for a magazine in New York. She is being sent to Florida to interview several people for a story. She insists on doing the story only if she gets two weeks of vacation afterwards. While in Florida, she stops at an antique shop to purchase a gift for her father’s birthday. She finds a unique marker from the civil war period.  She is told the seller’s son found it at a Civil War graveyard in Louisiana. She starts hearing voices and seeing things. Once she is back in New York, her cousin who was raised by her dad brings a friend who makes several predictions about the marker. Jennifer has another vision where she meets the ghost of Dr. Bradley Taylor.  This spurs her on to Louisiana to the gravesite where she meets Dr. Bradley’s ghost again. She interviews him and gets information she needs to help him. She learns he is in a Union graveyard when he is a Confederate soldier. She calls on all of her friends, makes some new ones, and even finds true love and danger as she tries to keep her promise to help Dr. Bradley.  This was full of so much mystery. She uncovers, lies, betrayal, murder as the book progresses. I read the book in less than three hours, it was that good.  Highly recommended to anyone who loves thrillers, suspense, and mysteries.

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  1. Thank you, Sandra! So glad you enjoyed the book. Good luck with your novel. Diana