Thursday, January 11, 2018

At the Buzzer - Max Elliot Anderson

Genre:  Middle Grade, Adventure, Mystery
Source: I purchased a copy

This is the fifth book in the Sam Cooper Adventure. Sam Cooper and his friends are awaiting the beginning of the basketball season. Sam keeps having the same dream. They are on the basketball court. It comes down to him making the winning three point shot. The crowd screams.  In reality the star of the team is his best friend Perry.  Perry is the tallest person on their team. He plays center and Same plays point guard. Sam has been working on making three point shots from anywhere on the court.  Sam has a bigger concern.  Perry knows he is good. He believes he is so good that he shouldn't have to worry about homework. He is sure that with his talent, if he fails a class they will let him play anyway. He sees no use for education. He knows he is going to be a star and make millions. He doesn't need to learn anything else.  Unfortunately his father feels the same way.  But what happens when a freak accident takes him out of the game?

I could relate to this book so much. I taught at a school where the international students were semi-pro sports players.  I had a tennis player tell me he didn't need to learn English or pass my class because he was going to be a tennis star. It didn't matter what I said to him.  I asked him what would happen if he injured himself in an accident or something and could no longer play. His response was shocking. He said he'd kill himself.  I asked him if he thought he was of so little value that his life didn't matter? I told him with that attitude he would never go pro because those looking for his talent would consider him high risk. He told me that I didn't know what I was talking about because I was "just a teacher".  I told him that he could always coach others if he loved the sport so much. He left my class that year barely passing my class. I figured I wouldn't see him again. The next year I had another student just like him, different sport.  This young man looked at the other student and threw my speech at him. I was in shock. He realized that no matter what we do in life we are a team of people, not an island.  

This book is important for kids everywhere to read this book to see what decisions Perry makes.  I absolutely love all of Max Anderson's books. They are full of important yet gentle lessons.

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