Sunday, July 8, 2018


So today I am grateful for my son's safe return from his third military deployment. He was deployed last year. He was supposed to walk my daughter down the aisle in December. When he learned he was to be deployed he secretly took a photo with her in her wedding gown. The day of the wedding arrived. There was to be a computer set up so he could watch the wedding live. The computer could not pick up the WiFi from the house.  They were finally able to connect with one of their phones and my husband strategically stood behind the lady officiating, and in front of the entire audience holding that phone so that he could still be a part of that day. This showed love and dedication as it was midnight where he was when the wedding started.  My son has missed birthdays, anniversaries, funerals. He has missed so much of his children's lives while they are growing up. He never complains. He is proud to serve. It was always his dream.  I am proud and grateful that I have a son who so proudly serves his country. I am grateful for a daughter-in-love who supports her husband when he serves. I am grateful for grandchildren who have been taught how important their father's job is to the world. Yes, today I am very grateful that my son returned home safely to be reunited with his family.

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