Saturday, October 26, 2019

Three Cute books by Arline Cooper

Be Brave,Little Puffy
Puffy is a pufferfish who doesn't like his spikes. He pulls them out and pricks his friends with them. He decides to go out and try to find some new friends because no one else wants to be friends with him.  He meets many wonderful fish, but none of them want to be his full-time friend.  When danger comes their way Puffy must rely on the thing he hates the most to save himself and his friends.

Enjoy, Slow Little Puffy
Little Puffy swims very slow. When all of the other fish go flying past him it makes him sad. It also makes him wish he was like the other fast swimmers. Then he meets the lionfish and several other fish that teach him that sometimes it is bests to slow down and look around. Puffy will use this lesson to help save a friend.  What a great lesson to teach children.  Great lessons in a colorful yet simple book. What a great book to teach self-esteem.

Be Friendly, Little Puffy
Puffy and another fish greet each other one morning. However, it soon becomes a contest about who is the most beautiful fish. They swim off to see the all wise octopus. The octopus teaches them that they are each special in their own way. She teaches them that their looks don't matter. She sends them off to find a gift for the other. Through this lesson they learn much.

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