Sunday, January 5, 2020

Now by Morris Gleitzman

      This was a unique turn in the book series. In this book, Felix is an old man with a granddaughter named Zelda. She is named after the young girl Felix tried to save and who was brutally murdered by the Nazis. In this book, Felix lives in Australia. His granddaughter loves her grandfather but questions some of the things he does. She doesn’t understand that a part of him is still living in and dealing with a traumatic past. Like her grandfather’s past, Zelda has a bully problem. His pasts experiences and memories help them both. When a brush fire breaks out a lot is lost, while a lot is gained. I found two interesting things about this fire. One was that it was based on an actual fire that occurred in 2009 and the second was that at the time of this post, Australia is going through another traumatic brush fire.  This is the third book in this series. At one point the author had planned to make this the end of a trilogy. As we all know, when our characters are not finished telling their story they must be heard. Because of that, there are three more books in this series. Once again I will say that this is a must-read series.

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