Wednesday, May 20, 2020

The One and Only Bob by Katherine Applegate:

Genre: Children, Middle Grade, Realistic
Source: I purchased a copy

Katherine Applegate has another winner with this book. Bob is a dog we first met in the book, “The One and Only Ivan”. Bob lived in the mall with Ivan and Ruby. Now Ivan and Ruby live in a zoo not too far from Bob’s new house. He was adopted by Julia whose father works at the zoo. Through this book, we learn how Bob became the dog he is. We understand how his personality was developed.  He is a scrappy dog who has learned to survive on his own. He feels guilty about his survival when all his siblings did not survive.   Bob goes with Julia and her dad to the zoo to visit Ivan and Ruby while Julia’s dad is making sure things are ready for an approaching hurricane. No one expected a sudden tornado. Once again Bob has to survive.  Then he is given a second opportunity when he thinks he hears the bark of one of his siblings.

I love this story that is told from Bob’s perspective. It is funny, sarcastic and his view of humans and the world around him make this so fun to read. We see Bob change throughout the book the way a human character changes. This makes him so believable. Not only will this book be on my shelf at school at the beginning of next year, but my grandchildren will also be receiving a copy. Everyone should have the opportunity to read this book.

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