Wednesday, July 29, 2020

Eight Picture Books

Little Buggies by Cindy Bracken 

A cute little book with wonderful rhymes that teaches children to look for specific insects. This is done in a fun and lyrical way.

Little Monsters It’s Time to Go to Bed by Olivia Longray

This is a very cute way to teach children the importance of brushing their teeth. The illustrations were bright and cheerful. The message is one every parent will love to read to their children. Children will rush to brush their teeth after reading this book to put their own little monsters to bed.

Little Red Writing by Joan Holub

This is a cute story of a red pencil who is challenged to write a story. But, this is not just a cute story. There is so much to learn throughout this book. When Mrs. 2 tells her class they are going to write a story she has the writing "story path" on the board. Little red is given a basket of useful words as she goes off on her writing journey. The book demonstrates the importance of using vivid words to spice up your story We learn how too many adjectives ca bog your writing down. Run-on sentences, as well as, chasing something new can lead to a wonderful ending. This is a wonderful take on the "Little Red Riding Hood" story with a twist. This is a great way to introduce story writing ot only to the youngest writers, but also to the reluctant writer. This is a bok I will definitely use in my classroom.

Rocks and Minerals of the World by Baby Professor 

I know this is just an introductory book. I purchased it because I have always loved rocks and minerals. Some of the words used in the book, such as igneous could have been defined in a glossary/dictionary in the back. I felt like the book just suddenly ended. Those are my only complaints with this book.

The Case of the Missing Money at the Zoo by Betty Smith

When a class gets the opportunity to take a trip to the zoo, one young boy makes a bad decision to steal money from the teacher. This author’s books are written to teach children valuable lessons. In this case it is the lesson of not taking what is not yours. A simple lesson told in a simple fashion.

The Moody Monster by Sarah Read

When Monster wakes up after a bad dream he finds himself mad. He doesn’t understand why. To make matters worse his mom isn’t home. His aunt fixes him a breakfast he doesn’t want and he decides he’s not going to school. When his mom comes home he tells her about his dream and the way he feels. His mom helps him learn to calm himself to make himself feel better.

The Pillow Parade by Edward Dron

Olive is a rabbit who loves to bounce. She bounces very high. One day she meets a sheep who also loves to jump. The sheep belong to a special club where they jump so children can count them and go to sleep. What happens to those children who live in very high buildings? Can Olive the bunny help? 
The Worry Unicorn by Sarah Read

When Lily has to start at a new school she worries about all of the things that could go wrong. She worries about it so much that she can’t sleep. When she tells her parents about her feelings her mom talks to her about the positive side. She reassures her that her feelings are normal and that she will do just fine.

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