Friday, July 31, 2020

Seven Wonderful Books

Beluga Tales by Nanna Elliana 

This is a cute book about a mommy beluga whale and her baby beluga whale. The mommy tells her baby all the things that she will do for her baby because she loves him. This would be a wonderful bedtime story to read to your child each night. This is a way to affirm to your child how much you love them and the ways you love them.

Will You give Me Your Toy? By Abigail Faure

Max the fox wants to have friends. Unfortunately, he has taken all of his toys and all his friends toys and won’t share with them. When he is done playing with all of their toys by himself he goes to play with them. They don’t want to play with him. He tells his parents the other kids won’t play with him and his dad explains why by telling him a story of his own childhood. Great way to teach children about sharing and being a friend.

Sunny’s Heart by Na’ama Gal

Sunny is a young boy who can feel emotions because his heart is so big. In this book his mom and dad teach him the importance of understand your feelings and not bottling them in. This is a great book to read to children when they are trying to figure out what to do when they feel certain emotions.

I Won’t Cut My Hair by Daniel Georges

When Sally is complemented on her beautiful purple hair she decides to let it grow. She is never going to cut it. Unfortunately for Sally, having such long hair brings along some problems. It is always dirty from dragging in the dirt. She has trouble with her cat wanting to lay on it all the time. She has trouble keeping it washed and dried. This is a book about change and how sometimes change is exactly what we need.

The Poem that Will Not End by Joan Bransfield Graham

This is the story of a young boy who can’t stop writing poetry. He writes it on shirts, in the shower, at recess, on the playground. He writes until the day his teacher asks him to write a poem about Spring. Then his mind goes blank. This book ends by talking about the different types of poems and voice. This would be great to use in any classroom as a mentor text.

My Sister is a Monster by Agnes Green

I loved this story. This is a book that should be read to every child who is about to become a brother or sister for the first time. This is told from the perspective of a young boy who has just met is baby sister. All she does is fusses and makes messes so he calls her a monster. His wise grandmother tells him what to do to discover how to defeat this monster. Before long he has learned she is a kid just like him and loves her so very much.

The Refuge by Sandra le Guen

This is the story of a young girl named Jeanette who meets a new girl at school named Iliana. Jeanette tells her parents the things she has learned about Iliana as their friendship grows. Iliana had left a war torn country. Her mom told her the stars and sky have no border. There is so much to be learned by young children here. They learn how much they can have in common with those who don’t speak the same language. They learn that their lives may be different but still have a lot of commonalities. This is a delightful book.

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