Wednesday, August 5, 2020

Books By Sigal Adler and Max Ring

The Mean Green Tiny King 

The timing on this book was great. This is the story of a virus who wants to be king. He sets out to make everyone sick. Soon people start doing things like washing their hands, and keeping things clean, staying inside, wearing masks. They do this until a cure is found for the virus and they can send him on his way. In the meantime they find other ways to have fun.

You’re Not My Monster!
When Dan grew older he had his own bed and room. His parents gave him a stuffed monster to sleep with. The second night in his room he wakes up thirsty and goes to get a drink. When he returns to his room his small monster is gone and there is a very large monster in his room. Where did his monster go? This is a cute story about being brave when you go to sleep by yourself for the first time.

I’ve Only got Three Hands 

I loved this story. A three handed monster mother keeps cleaning up her found handed monster son’s room. Yet he demands she read him a story. She finally tells him she can’t there is so much to do to clean his room there is time for only one story. The monster child knows if he doesn’t clean up his room before bedtime there will be no more stories. A great way to show kids the importance of cleaning up their rooms.

Crickets for Kiwann

Kiwann was a chameleon that lived in a terrarium. His owner Ron fed him bugs once a week. Once after feeding her she heard music. She found a cricket she had not eaten because he played music. She promised not to eat them because she loved music. Cricket told her all bugs make music and she had never heard it before because she ate the bugs. The next time she is fed she hides and sure enough the bugs are playing music. There is just one thing though. They have made an instrument for her. This is a story about inclusion. Very cute.

Cricket and Kiwann go to the Fair
Cricket Kiwann and several other bugs live in a terrarium. Cricket wanted to go to the fair. He convinces Kiwann to go with him. They have fun on the rides, eating a corndog, cotton candy and drinking soda. Kiwann is homesick. As they get ready to leave a bird attacks them. They are inside a bottle the bird can’t get into. Once the bird goes to sleep they realize that home is where they are the happiest.

Cricket and Kiwann Go to School
Cricket has all kinds of questions for Kiwann but Kiwann can’t answer them. Cricket gets the idea that they should all go to school. Kiwann is not real excited but goes

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