Friday, January 1, 2021

New Book - Seventy Times Seven


I want to introduce you to my new book. It came out right before Christmas. Unfortunately, as happy as I was, I was in the middle of preparing things for a wedding. My Step-daughter, fiance, and her daughter came down for a December 29th wedding.  I put off promoting my book until today. What better day to introduce a new book?

Here is the synopsis:

Frankie's school year is going downhill. His math teacher hates him, he keeps getting suspended. The new preacher keeps telling his dad how to handle his "problem" son. When the preacher's son is left with them for a few weeks, Frankie sees this as a relief until they are involved in a hit-and-run accident. All these conflicting emotions and secrets bring Frankie to a breaking point. Just when he decides what he must do to make things right, his sister and best friend go missing. Frankie is tormented by nightmares where he hears his sister calling for help while being chased by something dark and unseen. Everyone has abandoned him, including God. What will it take to set everything right again?

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