Monday, November 22, 2021

Grandma Rina’s Stories by Rina Barkan

Four wonderful books by one author, cute with a short message.

Baby Crocodile

Baby Crocodile swims with his mom and dad eating meat all day. One day he decides he is going to stop eating meat. His parents tell him he will have to leave the lake to find other kinds of food. He leaves and discovers that the food he needs is in his own lake.


Here’s a Story About a Zebra
Zebra Grevy is not like the other zebras. She has thin stripes and a white belly. The other zebras make
fun of her. Other animals tell her she is unique and should be celebrated for her uniqueness. She tries to be like them but she is a zebra. Then she finds a zebra who likes her and they make their own herd where all are welcomed no matter what they look like.


Who is More Important?

A traveler goes on a hike. When he gets tired he lays down next to a stream of water and quickly falls asleep. The different parts of his body start complaining because he is laying on rocks and thorns. His body parts start arguing about who is the most important. They finally decide to stop arguing about who is the most important and work to roll the traveler into a grassy meadow; off of the rocks and thorns.


Five Flavors King and Queen

In this book we discover there are five flavors. The King loves eating sweets. He sneaks down at night and eats and eats until he starts getting fat. His wife, the Queen tries to block the fridge. When she has it unblocked the King finds it full of sour and salty things. He eats so many of them his blood pressure goes up.  The king must learn how to eat healthy foods and that there are different types of flavors.

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