Saturday, December 11, 2021

Charlotte's Snowman by Lainey Dee


This is a book that took me back to my childhood. The illustrations are simple, colorful, yet beautiful. Snowmen have always been a favorite of mine. So when I was asked to read and review this book it was a definite yes. I was expecting to read something similar to "Frosty the Snowman" and hoping it was different. I am happy to say it is.  Charlotte is so excited to find it has snowed and there is enough to make a snowman. She adds all of the usual things, stone eyes, stick mouth and arms, and a carrot nose.  It took me back to my childhood in Indiana.  I loved building snowmen.  I would look outside every day to make sure my snowman was still there. When we had a warm snap I was saddened because I knew that one day my snowman would melt. Unlike me, Charlotte built a snowman who was magical. It saddened her when the sun melted him. Her story turned out with an upbeat ending. 

The illustrations and the wonderful storytelling will charm children. This is a book I will see is on the shelves of our preschool and kindergarten classes. 

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