Sunday, January 30, 2022

A Boy's Best Friend by Janice Ford

Genre: Children's Picture Book
Source: I received a copy to facilitate my review. The opinions expressed here are my own.

This is a collection of five short stories. The first story is “Steven Meets Stuart”. Steven loves animals. He has done a lot of research. He wants a pet. He chooses what he believes is the perfect pet a puppy. He tries to persuade them to get him one for Christmas. He finds nothing under the tree that would be a puppy. Imagine his surprise when his dad brings in a surprise box.

The second story is “Adventure Time with Steven and Stuart”.

Steven loves his new dog.  What is even better is that he has learned his dog can talk to him. One day while exploring the woods behind his house he hears a noise in a bush. He finds a bunny who is stuck. Stuart tells Steven the problem and he is able to help the bunny.

The third story is “The Great Big Monster!”

Like a lot of children, Steven is scared of storms, especially when the wind sounds like a monster outside his window.  Stuart jumps in bed with Steven but is just as scared. But mothers always make things better. Steven and Stuart are allowed to sleep in their parent’s bed.

The fourth story is “Steven Makes a New Friend”.

Steven and Stuart are exploring their neighborhood when they come across a small girl with a stuffed elephant. She looks sad. Steven learns she wants to go into the forest to pick some flowers for her mom. However, the last time she went in she got lost.  Steven and Stuart are there to help this little girl.

The final story in this collection is “School is Fun”.

Steven loves his dog Stuart so much. He is excited to let his dog know that their teacher is allowing the students to bring their pet to school for a special project.  Steven can’t wait to show his dog to all of his classmates. It is one of his best days ever.

This collection was a joy to read. It was bubbly and showed how much love and friendship can come from having a pet. It also shows how we can be there for others.  Another great job from this author.

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