Monday, January 24, 2022

Awkward by Svetlana Chmakova

Genre: Middle Grade, Graphic

Source:  From my classroom shelves


Usually this book is passed from student to student and checked out. However, the last student put it into my book bin to be checked back in and I snagged it.  I will tell you from the beginning I am not a big graphics fan. Every student who has read this has told me I need to read it. I agree with them, it was great.

This could have been taken right out of my classroom. I am always hearing students talking about what course is best.  We have those students who will argue until they are blue, that art is the best subject. Then we have those students who love the sciences, or math, or English.

The characters face the very things students new to our school or new to middle school face. They worry about bullying, making friends, family problems, will their teachers like them or will they like their teachers. This is what made this book ring true. The author took a lot of time to flesh out her characters. These are some of the most diverse characters I have seen in a book.   I loved this book and understand why all the students kept recommending it to me.

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