Wednesday, January 19, 2022

Six Wonderful Books.

  In my sixth grade theater class we have been reading picture books. Students will be turning them into scripts and then performing these small skits for the elementary students.  Here are the first of them

We Don’t Eat Our Classmates by Ryan T. Higgins

This is one of the picture books my sixth graders chose to turn into a script for theater.  I laughed so hard listening to them discuss this book.  Penelope is a dinosaur and on her first day at school with humans she eats them. Then yuck, the teacher makes her spit them out. She just can't seem to help herself. For me, one of the funniest parts was when she got home and her parents asked how her first day went. She cried and told them she had no friends and her dad asked her, "Did you eat your classmates?"  It will take something happening to her for her to learn the fear her classmates felt at being eaten.  The title is hilarious, the story is funny and the pictures are charming.  Loved this book.


Jabari Jumps by Gaia Cornwall

This is a cute book about a young boy at the pool with his brother and father. He has finished his swim lessons and wants to go off of the high dive. Fear over takes him. He tells his dad that maybe he'll jump next time. He begins to make excuses. The way he comes to his final decision reminded me of the self-talk kids and adults do when they are afraid. My sixth grade students loved this book.



The Barnabus Project by The Fan Brothers

Beneath the Perfect Pets store was a secret lab where they created Perfect Pets. Barnabus was half mouse and half elephant. He lived below the store in an area of the lab called failed projects. The guys in rubber suits fed the failed projects. Pip the cockroach told Barnabus all about the outside world. That is where Barnabus wanted to go. One day the men in rubber suits came in and stamped "failed" on all of their glass jars. Pip explained that since they were failed projects they had to be recycled. Barnabus decided to escape instead. Along the way they find another failed project who helps him reach his goal.



Creepy Carrots! by Aaron Reynolds

Jasper Rabbit loves chowing down on the carrots in Crackenhopper Field. They are free so he is
constantly eating them. Then one day he goes to get a carrot and thinks he hears something. He sees and hears carrots in the shed, his bedroom, and the bathroom. He gets so freaked out he decides to build a fence to keep the creepy carrots in, and keep anyone from eating them. This is exactly how the carrots planned to build a fence keep them in and keep anyone from eating them. This is exactly how the carrots planned it to end. I loved this book.

The Empty Pot by Demi

Honesty is the best policy. In this wonderful story we find Ping, a young boy able to grow just about anything. The emperor, like the other people in his empire, grows his own flowers. It is something he loves. He knows he is getting older and won't be able to continue so he must find someone to rule his kingdom when he is gone. He calls all of the children together and gives them each a seed. He says they are to tend it for a year then come back and he will choose. No matter what Ping tries his seed won't grow. He, unlike all the other children come with an empty pot and admits he tried his best, but couldn't get the seed to grow. He is chosen to be the next emperor because of his honesty

The Picky Eater by Betsy Parkinson

Piper the pig is a picky eater. I found this funny because pigs will eat just about anything. Whenever they make her try anything new they only make her try five bites. Finally her parents have had enough and tell her she has to eat more than just the five bites.  Like most children, when Piper gets hungry enough she tries other foods and realizes she likes them.  This is typical of most children. Another great book I highly recommend.

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