Sunday, February 20, 2022

Adventures With Scarlet and Twinkle by Janice Ford

Source: I received a copy to facilitate my review. The opinions expressed here are my own.

Genre: Children's Book

This author has once again given us five wonderful little stories to share with our young loved ones.

A Little Girl and Her Doll

Scarlett received a stuffed elephant as a Christmas gift one year. Now she and Twinkle play together every day. One day while climbing the ladder to their treehouse Twinkle slips. Scarlet rushes down to help her friend. They discover Twinkle’s skirt has gotten dirty. Scarlett knows what to do, it is mom to the rescue.

Scarlet Loses Twinkle

Sometimes making a choice can be difficult. Scarlet and Twinkle get permission to go to the park one day. Twinkle reminds Scarlet that the next day is mom’s birthday. They decide to pick some berries for mom and surprise her with them the next day. After picking berries Scarlet has to leave Twinkles in the park so she can carry the berries and hide them. Unfortunately she has to go to bed without Twinkles. When she wakes up the next morning Twinkles is in the kitchen with mom. Mom knew that Twinkles had been left in the park and went to get her and bring her safely back home. Leaving Twinkles behind had been the hardest choice Scarlet had ever made.

Feeling Scared

School is the one place Scarlet can’t take Twinkles. When her teacher announces they all must participate in the school play Scarlet is scared. She explains her fear to her mother, who promises to help her memorize her lines. She tells Twinkles who explains how speaking in front of others is just like one of the adventures they have. She learns it is okay to be afraid and that sometimes you have to face your fears.

Helping a Friend Out

Scarlet was play with Twinkle when she noticed a rip in her shoulder. She took Twinkle to the house where her dad quickly fixed Twinkle right up. As she went outside she saw her best friend from school crying. She sat Twinkle down and went to Jennifer. Jennifer had secretly taken her doll to school and forgot her. The school was closed and she would have to wait until the next day to get her. Scarlet helped her out by letting Twinkle spend the night with Jennifer so she wouldn’t be sad and lonely. This is a story that teaches children about sharing and caring.

A Very Important Lesson

Scarlet and Twinkle get permission to explore their neighborhood one day. They decide to go a different direction. At the end of their street they see a forest and decide to enter it. The deeper they go the darker it gets. When they decide they should go back they realize they don’t recognize the way because it all looks the same. That is when they notice a ball of stuffing and realize a hole in Twinkle’s foot has actually saved them. All they need to do is follow the stuffing to get back out. Scarlett tells her parents about the forest and the lesson she has learned about not going to unfamiliar places without an adult.

The thing I love about Janice Ford’s books is that they are simple stories for the youngest child with simple lessons. 

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