Sunday, June 5, 2022

Teaching Children Responsibility

 Below are four children's picture books that are wonderful for Pre-k  and up. These cute stories have wonderful lessons to go with them.

It’s Not My Fault by Michael Gordon

Vigbert is an alien from outer space. He likes playing with his friend Austin. The problem is when Vigbert breaks or spills things he lies about it or argues about whose fault it is. This book is all about standing up and taking responsibility for your actions. A very cute way of teaching the youngest child how to do just that.


It’s the Rules by Michael Gordon

This cute book teaches children the importance of following rules. It shows how they keep them safe and keeps chaos out of the way. Michael Gordon has chosen rules that all children must follow and given the important reason for doing so.


When I Lie by Michael Gordon

Heidi has been telling lies to her parents. At first it seems harmless. As she goes along her stomach is upset and she doesn’t feel well. She fears she will get caught. Sure enough she does and her parents sit with her and explain why telling the truth is a big deal. Once again the author has put his characters in a position that most very young children will find themselves in at one point or another. A great source for teaching young kids about the importance of telling the truth.


I Didn’t Do It By Sarah Read

This is another example for young children about learning to take responsibility for their actions. Each time Sophia is caught doing something she should not be doing the adult in her life gently corrects her. A nice way of teaching this to kids.

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