Friday, February 10, 2023

First Graders Rule

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I work in a K-8 IB school. There are benefits to having Pre-K through 8th grade in one school. I teach Grades 6, 7, 8. Today we had a treat. We were visited by a first grade class. The students had  created PowerPoint presentations about honey bees. They then presented these to my eighth grade students.  I love this for many reasons. The first graders take this so seriously. The eighth graders learn a lot from the first graders. They are impressed that the first graders know how to cite their sources and create a slide that has a bibliography. We end it with honey tasting. There are advantages to having a husband who is a beekeeper.  I have provided  the three presentations our first graders created. They need to be watched in the order below. See how awesome our first graders are

Hazen's Video

Diego's Video    

Jayceona's Video   

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