Saturday, February 4, 2023

Student Saturday: Count All Her Bones by April Henry

Student Reviewer: Sophia H.

The main character is Cheyenne. She is blind, has a service dog and a bodyguard named Jadra. Her trouble begins the night Griffen Sawyer sole a car, and accidently stole Cheyenne who was in the back seat. He panicked and took her home where is father held her for money. Griffen helped her escape. Now his father is awaiting trial. Griffen's father won't give up so he has his henchmen capture her again.  This time he doesn't want money, he wants her dead. Will she survive? What about Griffen?

This book is similar to a lot of real-world events. For example, a blind Portland girl named Heather Wilson was kidnapped when she was in the back seat of her mother's car and it was hijacked. I recommend this book to anyone 11-100 years old. It is great for a light night read. The best in my opinion.

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