Saturday, March 11, 2023

Student Saturday: The Plot to Kill Hitler by Andy Marino

Student Reviewer: Langdon

Genre: Middle Grade Historical Fiction

“The Plot to Kill Hitler” by Andy Marino, book one, is a thrilling story set in Berlin in the year 1943. The main character Max, a twelve year old boy, and his sister Gerta, age thirteen are living with their mom and dad in Berlin. At this time, Berlin, Germany is under Nazi Control. This causes Berlin to get air  raided every night by the allies. One cay Max and Gerta discover their parents are a part of an anti-Nazi rebel group and they are dragged into it. Their parents don’t agree to this demand, but the leader of this rebel group does. Once Max and Gerta went on their first mission they noticed a suspicious man seeming to follow them. Max acts normal walking away but takes a long way home Will Max escape?- To sum it up, “The Plot to Kill Hitler,” by Andy Marino, is a thrilling story about love, conspiracy, and mystery.

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