Wednesday, March 29, 2023

The Book of Lost Names by Kristin Harmel


Genre: Adult, Historical Fiction
Source: I own a copy

    During World War II Eva Abrams and her family live in France. She was born there, but her parents came from Poland. Eva, on her home one day is stopped by a friend and warned she and her family need to get out of France.  Over dinner she tells her parents. Her mom believes that things will change because the Jews have done nothing to the Germans. Her father tries  to tell her that fliers have been placed under their door for a couple of weeks and that it is possibly a ploy by the Germans.  After her mom has retired to  her bed, Eva’s father joins her in the library. He makes her promise him that if something happens to him and her mother that she will get out. He has already paid for fake papers. She promises. She and her mother are watching the children of a neighbor who had to take care of her sick mother. The irony is the mother can’t stand them because they are Jews.  She hears a knock down the hall and watches as her father is arrested by the Nazis. She finds herself in a position where the man her father paid has not completed the job because he fears what will happen to him and his family if he is caught helping the Jews. He reminds Eva that her father told her one day her artistic talents would help her. He convinces her that she can complete the forgery of the documents.  She is determined and does just that. She and her mother escape. She finds herself in a position to help children using her talents.

    This is the fictional story of forgers who helped people by forging documents for them. The author tells a compelling story that you can’t put down. Your emotions are so high you feel as if you have been transported back in time and are working alongside Eva.  This is a must read for people who love to read about World War II. I loved the fact that I learned something new from reading this fictional book.

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