Wednesday, June 7, 2023

1 2 3 Ultimate Preschool Math by MamTalk Publishing


Genre: Children's Workbook

Source: I received a copy to facilitate my review. The opinions expressed here are my own.

As a former kindergarten teacher I learned that small kids are like sponges. If you give them the opportunity and guidance they can learn much more than people think they can. By the end of the year my kindergarteners could read an analogue clock. They could read and write small stories. Why? The curriculum we used pushed them. Some of them needed more encouragement or needed to be retaught like everyone does in something. But they all succeeded

That is what this book does. The very first page does this. It shows a blank hedgehog ( one with zero needles) The student draws the needles on it, trace the zeros then trace the word zero, then they practice writing it on their own. Then of course they get to color the animal associated with it. After they have finished tracing, writing and coloring they can count the number of each animal.

Next they are asked to count objects up to ten. A certain number of shapes are placed in boxes and the child must count them and then color the correct number choice. Then they count and write the number under each picture like a graph.  Then there are pictures with different objects. Children color the count scattered objects and write the number in a box that corresponds to the pictures.  They learn to count one more or one less, then match the number to the objects. They learn the concept of before, between and after, inside and outside, right and left.  This is all followed by simple addition and subtraction. Once again they get to practice on basic shapes.  As always upon completion there is a certificate.

These are fun, engaging math concepts that are sure to keep the youngest child busy and actively learning

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