Sunday, July 30, 2023

Awakening Avery - Laurie Lewis


Genre:  Adult, Romance

Source: I received a copy from Bookfunnel. The opinions expressed here are my own.

Grief is different for everyone. For the main character in this book, it is obvious that she is stuck.  She is a famous author who can’t seem to move forward because she is still grieving the loss of her husband a year before.  Her grown children are worried for her. As she tries to move forward she finds herself swapping houses with a gentleman who knows all too well what grief is like. He had to raise his daughters on his own after he lost his wife. I loved this for many reasons. I live in Sarasota, Florida and was familiar with many of the places in the book.  This was not a mushy, gushy romance. I hate those. Instead we find two people dealing with the loss of their spouses. They are also dealing with grown children who always think they know best. I loved how Gabriel changed. He realized that all he had done by raising his daughters on his own was spoil them. When he decides to swap houses with Avery it means kicking his daughters out of the house as well, where they will need to learn to stand on their own two feet. This is a great book, with a great message and one I recommend.

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