Saturday, November 4, 2023

Student Saturday: Girl In The Lake by India Hill Brown


Genre: Middle Grade, Horror
Student Reviewer:

This book was a great read, it had the perfect number of thrillers and twists for it to remain interesting throughout. Main characters have true personalities, and it feels like you are in the story experiencing the events as you read.

  The main character Celeste had failed her previous swimming lesson, so she feels apprehensive about her upcoming trip to her grandparents' lake house. This story also weaves in the history of segregation and has a great message along with the bone chilling ghost aspect of the story. The characters can be relatable, which is great and makes you feel more connected.  This also reminds me of a similar story my brother had told me a while back about a ghost.

  This story is not too scary but has a good plot, the details make this story outstanding, and the curveballs keep you entertained while still having a great, consistent development. One of the best horror/ghost stories I have read so far, this book is great for people who like books with a strong message with some fun twists. I would definitely read it again!

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