Saturday, December 16, 2023

Student Saturday: Surviving Sharks and Other Dangerous Creatures by Allan Zullo


Genre:  Middle Grade, Nonfiction
Student Reviewer: Elijah S.

This book talks about ten stories about different animals attacking humans and how those humans survived those terrifying encounters. All ten chapters had different stories and different animals. These animals consisted of sharks, elephants, bears, snakes, wolves, alligators, bulls, monkeys, moose, and cougars. In the situation for the bears, the person had to punch the bear several times to get it off of him. In this situation I would’ve tried to poke the bear’s eyes because I think it would have ran away sooner. I would recommend this book to adventurous people who like to go out to woods and oceans so that they know what to do if they were in situations with these dangerous animals. In my opinion, I love this book because it's very interesting and I love animals books so if I had rate this book a one out of ten it would definitely be a ten out of ten.

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