Saturday, February 24, 2024

Student Saturday: Grenade by Alan Gratz


Genre: Middle Grade, Historical Fiction
Student Reviewer: Susan T.

The details in this book truly make it an interesting and informative read. It has a great message and can teach you a lot about what happened during the war between the Japanese and Americans. The portrayal of emotion in the characters makes you feel like you can clearly understand what is going on in their perspectives. 

This book is about two boys from different sides of the war in 1945. Ray, who is a young U.S marine and Hideki, who is drafted into blood and iron corps. Both questioning if they will make it out alive, and if so, what will it take. 

To wrap up, I really enjoyed this book. It has a similar format to other war books I have read but the plot Is unique and entertaining. I would recommend this book to people who find interest in books about historical conflicts or to someone who just wants to learn more about stuff like that. 

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