Saturday, May 25, 2024

Student Saturday: Cold Hearted by Serena Valentino


Genre: Young Adult, Fantasy, Fairytales

Student Reviewer: Jaiden W.  

In this captivating retelling, we are immersed in the life of Lady Tremaine, the iconic stepmother from the Cinderella story. Widowed and raising her two headstrong daughters, Anastasia and Drizella, alone, Lady Tremaine unexpectedly encounters Sir Richard, a dashing knight seeking a stepmother for his own young daughter. Their paths intertwine, leading to a marriage that takes Lady Tremaine to the shabby chateau of Cinderella and her father. However, all is not as it seems. Sir Richard harbors ulterior motives—he married Lady Tremaine solely for her fortune. Deep in debt, he expects her and her daughters to serve as cooks and cleaners. I recommend this book to anyone who knows the story of Cinderella and her wicked stepmother. This captivating retelling sheds light on the origins of her cruel treatment of Cinderella. I always loved the story of Cinderella so when I found this book I was instantly intrigued. 

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