Saturday, June 8, 2024

Student Saturday: Dead Lake by Darcy Coates


Genre: Adult, Horror, Suspense
Student Reviewer: Franklin G.

Sam, a young artist, got an invitation for her art to be shown at the Heritage Gallery, which was a huge deal for her. But her mom sadly passed away shortly after, so for the next few months, instead of preparing artwork for the gallery, she forgot about it completely until about a week before it was happening. Sam's uncle let her stay in his cabin, which was completely off the grid, and only a few people knew about it. As she was there, she thought she was alone. Her uncle wasn't there, but there was no cell reception, and there wasn't anyone for a few miles. Then she started painting these strange images in her sleep. These images were of a man, and he looked strange, but she slowly realized that the man had been watching her and started to attack her. He would sit and look over the dock and watch her from the woods. These woods had always had disappearances, and it turned out he was the one killing them, and Sam was in grave danger. She had met a ranger from a nearby park and wanted his help, but things went from bad to worse the longer she stayed at the cabin. What happened to Sam and the ranger? Did the strange man kill them? Did Sam's art go to the gallery? 

I loved this book, and I thought it was great. It is a shorter read and Darcy Coates put two other short stories in the back. This story, though was great. I love the action and the mystery, but most of all I like the little horror details in the story. This is a great book if you like mystery combined with horror and action. I would recommend this book to anyone over the age of 10 because this book might be scary for younger readers, but all in all, this was a really good book.

I can't fully relate to the characters in this book but I can say if I was in this situation I would try my hardest to survive.

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