Friday, January 23, 2009

Graffiti artists on the Wall

Once again school stepped in to slow me down in my writing and research. I had hoped to do so much more this weekend then remembered I have a class at my local museum. I searched for graffiti artists who had painted on the wall. My reason for this is simple. My main character touches a section of the wall at a museum and finds herself transported back to the East side of Berlin. I had originally said I would send her back to 1961. After doing research I will need to change the time frame. I will place her there in the 1980's. I am not real sure of the exact year. This was when most of the painting began on the wall. I read about two artists who lived five meters from the wall. The wall at three meters behind the actual border. Thierry Noir decided to paint on the wall. He never painted alone. This was for security reasons. They watched for the guards because they could be shot or arrested for being so close to the wall. Thierry Noir wanted to call attention to the wall, for all the world to see. He and his friend screwed a urinal, wash basin, cellar door and a pair of shoes to the wall. It was a form of protest against the wall. I thought this was hillarious because it took the guards several weeks before they noticed it. This seemed to be a game of cat and mouse. I plan on researchng more so I can get the time frame down. I next wat to research the methos of escape. I know there were some people who passed from the east to the west through tunnels, by driving their car through checkpoints.

My desire is to spend some time this weekend and actually write. I have a busy month ahead. Our school is preparing for a visit to be a certified IB school so we are preparing for our visitors. I am also preparing for another eye surgery, my fourth in the last eight months. So with so much on my plate I hope to set some goals this weekend and work to meet them in the next month.

Happy Writing!

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