Monday, January 19, 2009

Journey of discovery

Today was a day away from school. Things have been hectic since returning from Christmas break. As our school prepares for a visit to certify us as an IB (International Baccalaureate School), tension at work has risen. We are trying to prepare for the visit at the end of February. Starting in February and going into March we have those lovely state tests. All of this is on my plate as I prepare for a fourth eye surgery in the middle of February and a house move at the end of February. It seems the only sane constant in my life right now is my writing. I wish I had more time just for it. So today I made a major decision.

Today I began my journey of discovery on the Berlin Wall. I am not actually headed to Germany in the physical sense. I started my intense, in depth research of the Berlin Wall. I have checked out a few resources in the past for a lesson that I had taught. I wanted to know the reasons the wall was built. That one wasn't too difficult. My main interest in this journey is to discover how and why people escaped. I also want to explore the lifestyles of the people who lived on each side of the wall. I want to compare and contrast them so that my main character Hannah, will be very believable. I am exploring issues of trust. My main character has major trust issues. Her parents seem to always let her down so she doesn't really trust them to keep their promises to her. Friends no longer hang out at her house because of her parent's constant arguing, so she feels they have let her down, and can't be trusted to be there for her. Her parent's solution is to send her off to camp while they try to work on their marriage. Hannah through an accident finds herself thrown back through time into East Berlin. She must help two other teens escape to the West. This should be an interesting journey for me. Follow me as I take my journey.

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