Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Two books in Two days.

I read a delightful book lst night called Dessert First by Hallie Durrand. It was a simple book about a girl entering third grade where she meets her eccentric teacher Mrs. Howdy Doody. Mrs. Howdy Doody teachers her students that they need to march to their own drum. She is heading a fund raiser to build a tree house at the school. Students are asked to give up something for two weeks and find people to sponsor them. Dessert's parents own a Fondue Restaurant and have enough children to keep them busy. Dessert decides they should eat dessert first because she is marching to her own drum and the parents disagree. She finally convinces them to eat dessert first and they find that dinner time is more peaceful. When her mother makes a delicious treat for a special occassion Dessert eats it. She finds a creative way to fix the situation, keep her pledge of giving up what is most precious for two weeks.

I purchased the Twilight series earlier in the year. I couldn't keep them on the shelf long enough for me read them. The teacher in the classroom next to me brought her copies in to me yesterday. I read Twilight today. I hope to read the other three over the next three or four days. Now when my students ask me about them or discuss them I will know what they are talking about. I didn't want to see the movie until I had read the books. My list of books to read this summer is growing. I look forward to finishing the last nine days of school so that I can really start reading them all. I also look forward to writing about what I am reading on here and hope to have several followers.

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