Monday, June 15, 2009

The Adventures of Snip in Oregon and Skin Hunger

I just finished reading The Adventures of Snip in Oregon, the cutest book by Betty S. Moir. It was the first book I had received from Bostick Communications to review. This is the story of a dog, Snip, who is adopted by a loving family. Most of the story is told from the mother's point of view with Snip joining in on the conversation. "He" explains what it is like, and how much fun it is living and helping out on the farm. He makes it very clear that his humans can't get along without him. According to the personal note I gott from the author she has a sequel getting ready to come out. I look forward to reading it. I know my ESOL students will definately enjoy this book.
The second book I read today was Skin Hunger by Kathleen Duey. It is the story of two people. Their story is told in alternating chapters. Sadima was born with the assistance of a magician. The problem is the magician leaves the house telling the father the baby and mother need rest and they are not to be disturbed until the next day. She takes her pay and leaves. The father and son are curious and decide to peek in on them. There they find the mother dead and the baby cold and blue on the floor. The baby lives and the father forbids any talk of magic in the house. He is silent to Sadima as if he blames her for her mother's death. When the father dies she sets off for a far off place to join a young magician she had met while tending her goats. Due to her special gift her brother sends her off without a glance back. She finds the young Franklin and his master Somiss, and then the story takes several twists and turns.
The second character is named Haph. He lives in a world full of magic. His father despises him and takes him to the wizard's academy and drops him off knowing he will never see him again. Haph must learn all the lessons and survive. He hates Somiss, the wizard with the cold eyes who looks at the boys in his charge almost in hatred. With Franklin's help Haph is learning to survive.This was a strange and interesting story. Thre is a sedon book called Sacred Scars. I will have to get it to continue this fascinating tale of fantasy. This was recommended by my reading coach at school and she was right. I absolutely love it. I can't wait to share it with my students when the new school year begins.

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