Thursday, July 2, 2009

Desperate Highway by Jesse Stretch

Desperate Highwasy The True Story of a Criminal was one of the most fascinating books I have every read. This was the story of the very successful businessman, Jeff Andrews. The problem was his success was based on falsehoods. He was a conman extraordinaire. I was fascinated that he was able to commit such crimes and stay on the run as long as he did. At the same time I was repulsed by how calloused he seemed to be at hurting and taking advantage of others. I felt sorry for him when I realized how low he had sunk into booze and drugs. I felt the demon that haunted him. Only someone who has truly dropped so close to hell can descripe the demon the way he has. On the other hand, only someone who has felt God's love reach down and lift him out of Satan's grasp can describe the change that took place in his life. This book was a breath of fresh air. It demonstrated the depths that God would go to to reach someone. If God was willing to reach out and pull someone like Jeff Andrews out of Satan's grasp, he would definately be willing to do the same for anyone else no matter where they are in life. This is a must read for anyone. I believe it would definately be beneficial in prison ministries around the world. May god truly bless Jeff Andrews and the ministry God has laid out before him and may he constantly guide the hand of Jesse Stretch.

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