Thursday, July 2, 2009

Library Challenge Books 1 - 5

1. Slippers at School - Andrew Clements. Slippers is a dog who wants to go to school with his owner Laura. He hides in her backpack and goes to school. Other's see him but not Laura. He has quite an adventure.

2. Raven and River - Nancy White Carlstrom. Great rhymes and sounds. This is a story of winters awakening along with Alaska's animals. All are anxious for spring to arrive. Beautiful pictures.

3. St. Patrick's Day in the Morning - Eve Bunting. Jamie wants to walk in the St. Patrick Days Parade but everyone tells him he is too small. He arises early, puts on his mom's coat, dad's hat, takes his brother's flute and his dog and sets out. He makes it all the way through town and up to the top of Acorn Hill. He then turns around and heads home. His family finds him asleep in a chair in all of his gear, sound asleep, never knowing he had actually accomplished it.

4. The Memory String - Eve Bunting. Laura has a string with buttons on it. Each button is from a piece of clothing that has a memory tied to it. It is special to her because her mother is dead and her father has remarried. Her cat accidently breaks it and Dad and her step-mom help her find all of the buttons. One is missing and dad thinks to take another button off of the item of clothing it came from. Her step-mother lets him know that it would never substitute for the real thing. They set off to the back yard with flash-lights to find it for her. Laura realizes that her step-mother was not trying to take her mother's place. Terrific story.

5. Kisses For Daddy - Frances Watts
Little bear doesn't want to put up his toys, kiss his parents, take a bath and get ready for bed. He reluctantly kisses his mother but refuses to kiss his father. Daddy bear sweeps him up and heads upstairs. He suggests maybe little bear would like a giraffe kiss, and holds him up high and kisses him. He then suggests several other animals and kisses him. After bath he tucks little bear into bed and little bear tells his father he needs to give him a great big bear hug and a great big bear kiss. The story line and pictures were beautiful in this one.

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