Thursday, July 2, 2009

Library Challenge Books 6-10

6. Pretend You're a Cat - Jean Marzollo This is a beautiful interactive book that allows the child young and old to pretend they are an animal and act out many things. This was done in beautiful rhyme.

7. Speak Up, Blanche! - Emily Arnold McCully. Blanche's aunt wants her niece to join the Farm Theater. Blanche is shy and scared. She doesn't speak her parts very loud and she can't seem to do anything right. She asks them to allow her to paint the scenery and they refuse telling her she can't seem to do anything right. Suddenly she finds her voice and yells at them that they aren't being fair. They agree and let her paint the scenery, only to find out that is what she is best at.

8. First Snow - Emily Arnold McCully When the first snow falls the mice children go sledding with grandpa. All of them go down the hill except Bitty. She is scared. With encouragement she goes down the hill and likes it. She repeats this until she is exhausted and realizes that the fun overrides the fear.

9. Beach - Elisha Cooper This is a simple book that uses all of the senses to explore the things one can see and do at the beach. The reader will see something new each time the book is read.

10. Winni Allfours - Babette Cole Winni wants a pony. Her parents tell her no. They also don't want her eating hamburgers at school anymore because they are vegetarians. She eats so many carrots that the lunch lady tells her she will turn into a horse. Winnie starts eating more and more vegetables and sure enough she turns into a fine race horse. Her parents want her to turn back but she refuses because she would have to go to school.

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