Thursday, July 2, 2009

Library Challenge Books 11-20

11. Miss Bindergarten Plans a Circus with Kindergarten - Joseph Slate
This is a great alphabet book where each letter of the alphabet is the beginning letter of a child's name. It also teaches colors. Miss Bindergarten helps her students plan and put on a circus for their parents.

12. Chocolate Cat - Sue Stainton In a small village lived a chocolate maker. They were not yet famous. Very few people came to his chocolate shop. One day on a whim he makes little chocolate mice with pink sugar tails. The cat sees something magical about them. One by one he takes them to different businesses around the village and something magical begins to happen to the village.

13. Why Noah Chose the Dove - Isaac Bashivas Singer As Noah begins to collect the animals they begin to argue among themselves about who is the best among them. The dove sits in a tree and says nothing at first. He finally tells them that no animal is better than the other because they are each different and have different gifts. Because of this Noah chooses him to be the messenger.

14. God's Quiet Things - Nancy Sweetland The reader is taken through nature listening for quiet things like the breeze blowing through the trees and viewing God's beautiful creation. Beautiful little book.

15. Bijon, Bonnon & Beau - The Kittens Who Danced for Degas - Joan Sweeney
Bravo, Bijou, Bonbon and Beau are kittens who visit the ballet while Degas sketches. When the performance begings they join the show. This in turn helps increase sales. Beautiful Degas like pictures.

16. Joseph had a Little Overcoat - Simms Tabock I really loved this book. It is based on an old Yiddish song. It is the story of a man who has a worn overcoat. It begins to wear out. When you turn the page there is a cut out that shows it is now a jacket. The coat is recycled throughout the book until the only think left for him to create is the book. This is one I want to purchase for my grand-daughter.

17. Quiet Wyatt - Bill Maynard Wyatt wants to help with a lot of things but everyone tells him he is too little, or too young. He walks around town shouting "I'm Wyatt and someday I'm going to be big enough..."..When he realizes no one is listening he stops talking. That is until the day he must save a puppy. Then everyone believes he is big enough to help them.

18. The problem with Chickens - Brice McMillan This is an Icelandic tale. The story is about a village of women who buy chickesn for their eggs. This is great until the chickens start acting like humans doing what they do. They find a creative way to solve the problem and get an added benefit from it.

19. The Elephant at the Waldorf - Anne Miranda the circus has a problem. They are stopped outside of the Waldorf Astoria and they can't get the elephant to come out of his cage. A small boy walks up and whispers something to it and he comes out and enters the building. As the young boy and his mother are walking away they wonder, How are they going to get the elephant out of the building?

20. Runaway Mittens - Jean Rogers Pico's granmother makes him a pair of red mittens. The problem is they won't stay in his pocket. They are always getting lost and he finds them in strange places. When their dog is brought in from the cold to have her pups and Pico is leaving for school he can't find his mittens. His sister finds them under the puppies and decides he will keep his hands in his pocket until spring.

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