Friday, July 3, 2009

Library Challenge Books 21-50

21. Rainy’s Powwow – Linda Theresa Raczek Lorraine has reached the age where she must choose her special dance and be given a name at the powwow. Swhe has had no one to teach her. The gift from and eagle gives her the name and dance she will carry. Great Native American Story.
22. Hopper Hunts for Spring – Marcus Pfister Hopper is a bunny who goes looking for Spring. He believes spring is someone to meet. In his search he finds a friend.
23. The Blizzards Robe Robert Sabuda Beautiful pictures. A story of how the great northern lights were created when a robemaker makes a robe for Blizzard.
24. I Fly Anne Rockwell this is the story of a young boy’s trip in an airplane. Well described.
25. Purple, Green, and Yellow – Robert Munsch Brigid wants markers. She talks her mother into buying them. As she gets bored with one type mom buys her another. However, Brigid gets into trouble when she gets bored and colors on herself creating a major problem. Bright cheery, colorful. This book was lots of fun.
26. Moira’s Birthday – Robert Munsch Moira wants a large party for her birthday. She wants to invite Kindergarten through fifth grade. Her parents tell her she may invite six kids. Soon others ask to come and she says yes. She just doesn’t tell her parents. When they all show up they don’t have enough food and Moira and her friends solve the problem. Since she has 200 gifts she tells her friends that everyone who helps clean up the mess can take a gift home with them. Things turn out well until….
27. Whiteblack the Penguin Sees the World – Margaret & H.A. Rey Whiteblack tells stories on W.O.N.S. radio station. One day he runs out of stories and leaves to see the world to collect new stories. When he returns he brings a gift and is named the hero.
28. Critter Sitter – Chuck Richards Henry is a critter sitter. When he sits for the Mahoneys things get out of hand. When they return it looks like everything went smoothly. They decide to ask him back another time and he decides that it scares him to think about that.
29. When a Pet Dies – Fred Rogers Every parent should have this book if they have pets and children. Mister Rogers takes the parents and child through the steps of grieving for a lost pet. It tells them what to expect as in emotions and gives tips on things that will make it a little easier to handle.
30. Who Love Me – Patricia MacLachlan A young girls asks the question “Who love me?” Her cat takes her down memory lane to find the answers before she goes to sleep.
31. Slithery Jake - Rose Marie Provencher Jake brings home a snake for a pet. The snake escapes. The family looks everywhere for it. When they can’t find it they take their blankets outside to sleep. They find the snake in the hammock because it prefers to be outside.
32. Friday My Radio Flyer Flew – Zachary Pullen A boy finds his father’s old radio flyer and has a great adventure with it. The pictures in this book were absolutely off the wall awesome.
33. Half of an Elephant – Gusti An elephant wakes up one morning and finds himself missing his back half, Many animals are missing their back half. They try hooking themselves together only to find it doesn’t work. In the end he finds his other half and they hook back up. But not the way they used to be.
34. Amandina – Sergio Ruzzier Amandina is a talented dog. She rents a theater and does everything from making costumes to creating the scenery to prepare for a show. As the curtain goes up she realizes the theater is empty. She goes ahead and performs. A cockroach sees her and tells a friend, who tells a friend and when she is finished she is surprised to hear applause from the full theater.
35. Dragon Dancing – Carole Lexa After hearing a story about dragons, a class of students create their own dragon.
36. Outside Over There – Maurice Sendak Ida’s papa is away and she is helping her mother take care of her baby sister. When she isn’t looking the goblins steal her baby sister away. She sets out to rescue her sister and is guided by her papa’s voice.
37. Dancing the Breeze – George Shannon A father takes his daughter on a dance through the garden. A dance created by the breeze. When the breeze stops it is nighttime and they go home.
38. Four in All – Nina Payne A cute poem using only nouns to tell a story of a young girl’s world.
39. The Bee Tree – Patricia Polacco A bored child sets out with her grandfather to find a bee tree. They are joined along the way by many others. Upon finding the tree they get the honey out and share it. The child discovers the sweetest things in life must be worked for.
40. The Boy in the Drawer – Robert Munsch Shelley walks into her room and finds it a mess. She tells her mother and is told to clean it up. She finds a boy reading a book in her sock drawer. She keeps finding messes in other places and her mother keeps telling her to clean it up. The small boy is responsible for the messes. Every time she yells at him he gets bigger. He is flooding the kitchen by taking a bath in the bread box. When she yells at him to get out he grows larger and sits in the middle of the table. Shelley finally figures out how to get rid of him.
41. Lucky Tucker – Leslie McGuisk A young dog is having a terrible day. To change his luck he rolls in a leprechauns four leaf clovers and changes his luck.
42. Can’t Scare Me - Melissa Milich Mr. Monroe loves to hear ghost stories from Mr. Hayman. After the stories are over he is afraid to walk home alone. One evening Mr. Hayman tells him a ghost story that teaches him how to overcome the fear.
43. Get Out of Bed – Robert Munsch Amy stayed up late watching TV. The next morning her mom, dad and brother try to get her out of bed. When they can’t they carry her bed to school. She sleeps through school all day and they take the bed back home. The next morning she wakes up and goes to school and all of her classmates are at school asleep.
44. Lizzie Nonsense – Jan Ormerod this is the pioneer story of a young girl in Australia. The father must leave one day and Lizzie, Mama & baby must carry on until he returns. Lizzie uses her imagination to help them pass the time.
45. Cats and Bats and Things Like That – Gilbert Beers This is a wonderful book that has the child take a look at all of the wonderful things that God has made and why he made them. It looks at how they are special.
46. Little Mouse on the Prairie - Steven Cosgrove Tweezle Dee was a prarie mouse. The other prairie mice played and had fun while Tweezle Dee hunted and gathered to prepare for the winter. When winter came the other mice realized they should have been preparing. They went to Tweezle Dee and she turned them away. She was lonely and went in search of them with a plan in mind. She had wanted to play during the summer but she didn’t know how. If they would teach her the games she would teach them what they needed to do to prepare for the winter. I loved this little book.
47. The Little Mermaid – Hans Christian Anderson’s version of the Little Mermaid is darker than the Disney version. This in my opinion made it much more enjoyable. It is the classic tale of a mermaid who falls in love with a prince and makes sacrifices to win him. Unlike the Disney version, the little mermaid doesn’t win the prince and stay human. Instead she chooses not to kill him and save her life. She plunges into the sea where she becomes a daughter of the air. Her choices gave her the ability to gain a soul and after 300 years her soul would go to heaven. This was an absolutely beautiful book.
48. Ten Little Ladybugs – Melanie Gerth This is a counting book with each page having one less ladybug on it. The ladybugs sit on a vine, skip on a gate, etc. Beautiful to look at and textural. Kids will love touching the small plastic and colored ladybugs.
49. Snugg – Stephen Cosgrove Snugg is a Bugg who is afraid of the dark. He meets the old librarian who tells him to find the shadows that he fears and meet them in the daytime. He does this and realizes they are not scary at all. He goes to bed that night with no hesitation knowing his friends will soon be there to play in his room.
50. Humbugg – Stephen Cosgrove This is a take off of the Christmas Carol. Humbugg didn’t like parties and when he is invited to one he scares off the young bug. The young bug runs into the mayor and explains the situation. The mayor suggests he check with Humbuggs friends and family to find out why the old bug doesn’t like parties. What he discovers in Humbuggs own records is that he has no family or friends. All of the bugs meet and make a plan. The young bug invites Humbugg to a meeting and when he refuses he tells him it is necessary because of a mistake in his records. Humbugg goes to the meeting and find the mistake is that all of the bugs have declared themselves his family and friends and he was happy from that day forth.

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