Thursday, July 30, 2009

Moki by Grace Jackson Penney

Publisher: Camelot Books, 1970
Pages: 146
Ages: children 8 - 10
Source: Consignment shop
ISBN: 0-380-00850-5

Moki is a book I purchased at my sister-in-laws consignment shop. It was so old the pages were brown and crumbling. It was one of several book that were sold in a stack together. Used or not it was still a charming book. Moki is a young Cheyenne girl who wishes she could do the things her brother does. He is a warrior. She wants to have her name called out in camp, a great honor reserved for warriors only. In Cheyenne society women and men have different paths. Women do not do mens work and women do not do what men do. It is considered wrong and has dire consequences. Unknown to Moki she would one day hear her name called out in the camp for an act of courage. This book would be best enjoyed by 8 - 10 year olds.

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  1. I remember this book! I read it when I was about 10- that's 50 years ago- and all I can remember is Moki's dad having to rescue her from a tree when she gets stuck, and this embarrassses him. Apart from that, I don't recall anything, but I know I loved it! Thamks for the memory.