Thursday, July 30, 2009

The Same Stuff as Stars by Katherine Patterson

Publisher: Harper Trophy, 2004
Pages 270
Ages: MG
Source: My purchase
ISBN: 0-06-055172-5

Angel Morgan is tired of being the adult in her family. After all she is only twelve years old. Her father is in jail and her mother has just dumped her and her brother Bernie off at their great-grandmother’s house. Angel is trying to hold everything together. She meets the man her grandmother refers to as “Santy Claus”. He introduces her to astronomy and she later finds out he is her uncle. Her mother shows up at her brother’s school one day and kidnaps her leaving Angel behind. This book was about a dysfunctional family in every sense of the word. Throughout the book Angel acts beyond her years, wishing to only be a child. It was a good book but I gave it a four out of five rating. I felt the characters could have been better developed. There seemed to be gaps that I felt needed to be filled in. I would still recommend it to my students. It was very good.

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  1. Thanks for being part of 9 for '09 and for choosing this for S!