Saturday, August 22, 2009

The Blue Enchantress by M. L. Tyndall

Publisher: Barbour, 2009
Pages : 317
ISBN: 1-60260-157-4
Genre: Christian Romance
Source: Giveaway from Word-Vessel

Hope Westcott lives the life of the privileged whereas Nathaniel Mason is a hard working commoner. Hope can be seen about Charles Towne on the arm of Lord Falkland. She has seen Nathaniel around but would never consider giving him the time of day. With the promise of marriage from Lord Falkland when he returns from his voyage, Hope sneaks aboard his ship to surprise him sure the reason he did not want her to accompany him on his voyage was so she would not have to endure the hardships of the voyage. When she surprises him she finds there were other reasons he did not want her along. She is cast into a hold of the ship until reaching port where she is promptly put on the auction block like a common slave. There seems to be no one in this far away land that can rescue her. Nathaniel Mason can’t believe his eyes. The woman he has admired from afar is to auctioned off. He plays the part of hero and purchases her with everything he has, only to find out she got herself into this predicament through her own selfish means. Both of them are running away from what they know is right. This is the story of how they find each other and God’s plan for them. This was a wonderful book. I love the time period it was set in. I don’t usually read romance because so much of it is the “in your face” kind of romance. This loves story developed over time. You were taken on the journey of growing love at a leisurely pace. I will definitely read more by this author. This was my first encounter with M.L. Tyndall’s work, but it won’t be my last I rated this book a 5 out of 5

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