Wednesday, August 19, 2009

The green Green Pear Manjula Naraynan

This is the only book I have had time to read this week as I have returned to the classroom. I look forward to having students in my classroom next week. The ability to shape a mind and watch them change has always made me happy. I am behind on my reviews. I currently have nine books to review. I am looking forward to being able to read, hopefully this weekend. Our school has had many changes this year. We are officially an International Baccalaureate World School. This is something we have worked hard to achieve. Since parents must choose to send their students to us there were many changes. Amidst all of this we will be starting next week with a new principal. I hope to motivate my students into setting a personal reading goal and achieving it. They have 10 months to read. I started working on my room today and noticed I have 2 completely empty shelves. They held classes in our rooms over the summer. Although they did not hold class in my room, the printer was in my room for their activities. It seems that someone helped themselves to approximately 60 books. I will know more once I have a chance to inventory my books. I do that within the first two weeks of school. I hope whoever took the books will read them and share them. Two students from my last school came in today to help another teacher, who happens to be the mother of one of the girls. It made me feel good when they told me how much they had learned in my reading class and recalled specific lessons I had taught and what made it fun. We had "magazines" with 12 stories in them. They were themed. One of the magazines was called "Walls". It dealt with emotional walls, physical walls, etc. I played the song "The Wall" by Pink Floyd and we discussed its message. Then we read the article on the Berlin Wall. I divided the class in half and one half was East Berlin and the other West Berlin. When they were given an assignment that required I hand out materials I let the West pick what they wanted and the East was given government issued material. They got the message real quick. We studied propaganda through the use of Dr. Seuss books. To me that was the best 3 years of teaching reading. They had fun, I had fun, and they learned. It was through teaching those classes that I used the lessons that helped me become National Board Certified. I am sure that things will improve. I had a visit today from someone in the tech department downtown. I was informed that many in the administration don't like the scripted programs we use and was encouraged to speak with our new superintendent, as he is interested in what teachers have to say, saving money, and eliminating unnecessary testing. Have I got a way to help him! Okay, enough rambling. I received 4 books in themail today but one is a picture book and I have read it.

Publisher: Author House
Pages: 32
ISBN: 9781438969572
Source: Review Copy
The green Green Pear is the story of a little Green Pear that is not happy being a green Green Pear. He compares himself to many different items. When he sees a shooting star he wishes to be something else. He is changed, but then he realizes he doesn't like being that object. By the end of the week and wishes he realizes he wants to be a green Green Pear. The book is great for teaching colors, shapes, animals and their sounds, opposites, senses and many other things. The pictures were bright and colorful This is a great book to open discussion about many things. I give this book a 5 out of 5. I can't wait to share this with my grandkids.

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